WPVC 100.5 FM The Truth Coming Soon to Jackson Tn

Published on 19 February 2024 at 20:39

On Feb. 2, 2024 WPVC 100.5 FM was granted a Construction Permit. We will be broadcasting News, Talk, Soul and R&B. First, we’re incredibly proud of who we are a Jackson Tn-based radio station that reaches millions of people all around the world.

On any given week, WPVC.'s audience includes tens of thousands of streaming listeners plus YouTube viewers. We already know that a good portion of our community lives outside the Jackson Tn market—and that's a strength. WPVC is open to music lovers everywhere, thanks in part to your support. When the Jackson Tn  Area station begins broadcasting in the coming months, we’ll be airing 100.5 FM. Within the first six months of operation, we’ll also be broadcasting remotely around the Jackson Tn area and supporting our local events that will air regionally. We’ll also be doing our best to build relationships and connections with the local music scene that will help us define the evolution of WPVC 100.5 The Truth. 

So how are we paying for this? In short, WPVC has existing investment funds that are being used for the purchase and initial operation of the Jackson Tn station (more on that in a second). Your gift as an Amplifier or annual fund donor is  being used  for the maintaining WPVC 100.5 station. 

WPVC’s Board will approved withdrawing all funds (President).

We will now  have an opportunity to significantly amplify the work we’re already doing and open up new possibilities and we're taking it very seriously.

 I’m a strong believer that radio will be with us for a long time, and I think we’ve already seen how broadcast and digital listening can build off one another to create a stronger community with valuable information. 

Most of all, I want to say that I’m really excited that this particular opportunity came along. I think it plays to our strengths and gives us a chance to really lean into our mission. 

We plan to make more formal announcements about this project as we go, and many more steps need to be completed before this becomes a reality. But we couldn’t be more excited to share this news and begin this next phase of our evolution with you. 

Thank you again for your continued support and trust in WPVC 100.5 FM The Truth.



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