WPVC 100.5 FM The Truth is a radio station that embraces the Jackson Tn community. We bring you the latest Local News, Information, and Music straight to your ears. Stay tuned for a unique blend of storytelling and insights that you won't find anywhere else. 

WPVC 100.5 FM The Truth doesn’t just broadcast over the radio airwaves at 100.5 FM, we also broadcast to the entire world over the internet!.


Value Statements


  • We believe our audience can be connected through a local radio station that immerses itself into the arts, culture, events, and music of a community.
  • We believe talented, under-recognized musicians deserve exposure, and we strive to be a resource for them.
  • We believe that our audience is witty, intelligent, and sophisticated in their musical taste. We aim to entertain at a level that exceeds that of commercial radio.
  • Responsiveness, availability, and communication are a priority for our staff and volunteers.
  • We strive to bring people together through real-time, live announcing about local news, weather, traffic, and emergency preparedness.


WPVC 100.5 FM The Truth Coming Soon to Jackson Tn

On Feb. 2, 2024 WPVC 100.5 FM was granted a Construction Permit. We will be broadcasting News, Talk, Soul and R&B. First, we’re incredibly proud of who we are a Jackson Tn-based radio station that reaches millions of people all around the world.

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More About WPVC 100.5 FM

WPVC LP 100.5 FM The Truth was granted a Construction Permit On Feb. 2, 2024, WPVC 100.5 FM The Truth is a Non-Commercial LPFM broadcast station serving Jackson Tn. You can also stream the station via the TuneIn app. WPVC LP 100.5 FM The Truth serves the public through providing 24 hours 7 days a week of locally originated programming. News Tallk, Soul and R&B.

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Getting Air Play on WPVC 100.5 FM

How DOES one get airplay on stations like WPVC 100.5 FM? First off, you have to remember that WPVC 100.5 FM is a one-of-a-kind station. The way we do things is different from most of the other stations out there, but as far as we’re concerned, our way of doing things has gotten us to a place where we’re considered the premier music station -- a station where DJs actually program the music on their shows, and if our model works, we hope other stations do the same. 

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“I love listening to 100.5 The Truth. It's like having a conversation with a friend while staying informed about what's happening in our community. The hosts are engaging, and the content is always relevant.”

— Sarah Johnson