Operating a commercial-free radio station takes a lot of work from a lot of people. Fortunately, we have a great staff that works tirelessly to bring quality programming to the airwaves. Unfortunately, elbow grease only goes so far. Equipment, studio space, online streaming; these things cost money.

We need your help!

Turn over the couch cushions, check between the car seats. Anything you can give will help us broadcast the voice of our community.

If you’re interested in Premium Sponsorship, please contact us. Otherwise, you can donate via Paypal (see the right hand side of this page) or by mailing a check to:

What is the recommended contribution to receive donor benefits?

At WPVC 100.5 FM, we appreciate gifts of all sizes. A donation of any amount makes you a member of WPVC 100.5 FM and you’ll receive gifts such as a T Shirt, donor benefits card with discounts from a local business, as well as a bumper sticker.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift to WPVC 100.5 FM is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by U.S. law, minus the fair market value of any thank you gifts requested. We will send you an acknowledgement letter for your contribution which can be saved for tax purposes. WPVC 100.5 FM is not a tax-deductible charity in Canada. Tax statements are available by request. 

When will I receive my WPVC 100.5 FM Donor Benefits card?

Your donor benefits card, as well as a letter acknowledging your gift, will be mailed within 1-2 weeks of the first payment received for your donation. Due to high volumes during on-air fundraising drives, if you make your donation during a drive, it will be mailed within 3-4 weeks.

When can I expect my thank-you gift to arrive?

Thank you gifts are generally mailed within 2-3 weeks of the first payment of your donation. Due to the high volume of donations received during on-air fundraising drives, thank you gifts are mailed within 3-4 weeks.  We rely on volunteers to package and ship thank-you gifts, so we appreciate your patience!.

If you still have not received your thank you gift(s) after these anticipated times, please contact us  at  and we're happy to help.  

Can I exchange my thank you gift for a different size?

In order to maximize your gift to support programming,WPVC 100.5 FM cannot accommodate size exchanges of clothing items.

Help! My thank-you gift arrived damaged!

Of the thousands of thank you gifts WPVC 100.5 FM mails out, a handful end up breaking en route to their new owners. If this happens to you, email . We'll mail you a new one as soon as possible, and thanks in advance for your understanding.

What are VIP Club Concerts?

WPVC 100.5 FM thanks donors who make one annual gift of $500 or more by extending invitations to attend exclusive VIP Club Concerts. If you would like more information about VIP Club Concerts, Contact WPVC 100.5 FM Donor Services at .

How can I include WPVC 100.5 FM in my estate plans?

A planned gift for WPVC 100.5 FM can be an outright gift, a life income gift, or a charitable bequest, and it can be made during your lifetime or at the time of death. For detailed information about including WPVC 100.5 FM in your estate plans email

How can I get a WPVC 100.5 FM bumper sticker?

The WPVC 100.5 FM bumper sticker is mailed with all first-time or renewing donations. If you are already a donor and need an additional sticker, please email . If you are not a WPVC 100.5 FM donor, you may pick up a free sticker at the station any day between 9am and 6pm or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to WPVC 100.5 FM, Attn: Stickers, 1265 Cerro Gordo Rd Jackson Tn 38301.

What is the best way to contact WPVC 100.5 FM?

For all contact information, including email addresses, mailing address and driving directions, check out our contact page .

Another way to support WPVC 100.5 FM: Car Donation Program

Wondering what to do with your used car or truck? Donating your old vehicle to WPVC 100.5 FM is convenient, easy, and may qualify you for a tax deduction. Best of all, your donation of a used car or truck will make a big difference in supporting WPVC 100.5 FM. Why not donate your vehicle today? Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles qualify. All you need to do is contact us at 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What can I donate? 
You can donate most any vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. They do not have to be currently running. Your vehicle donation will be sold at an auction or to salvage depending on condition. 

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Yes, WPVC 100.5 FM

As a non-profit organization and all donations qualify as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax return. 

What do I need to donate my car?

The title to the car must be in your name. We will also need some information about where the car is located and the condition of the car. This will assist us in scheduling appropriate towing arrangements. 

Will you pick up my car? 

A towing company will call you to schedule the pick-up of your vehicle. You will need to give the driver the keys to the vehicle as well as your signed title


How is the value of my car determined? 

The IRS allows you to take a charitable tax deduction on your federal income tax form equal to the amount the vehicle sells for at auction unless it sells for less than $500. If your vehicle sells for less than $500 you may deduct no more than $500. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, you will need to include the IRS form 1098C. WE will supply this documentation after your vehicle sells. We recommend you consult your tax advisor with questions about your deduction

Contact us at  and we will answer any other questions you may have and we will make arrangements to pick up your donation.